All of the Convenience. None of the Compromise

We are thrilled to bring a little piece of our bucolic tasting room into people's homes. Our line of artisanal bottled cocktails are uniquely built from the ground up using our own farm-to-bottle spirits along with only natural ingredients like real fruit juice. The result is top-shelf cocktails that ready to be poured over ice and enjoyed. So why spend the time making cocktails for friends and family when you can spend time enjoying cocktails with friends and family? Leave the shaker on the shelf and experience bartender quality cocktails without all the fuss.

375ml Bottled Cocktails - Group of 4 on
Basil Crush
Made with Fellows Gin

Lemon juice and basil bring out the botanical characteristics of our "friendly" Fellows gin in this cocktail. Floral and fresh it's like Summer in a bottle.

Suggested Retail Price:  $18 (375ml)

Jacked Up Sidecar
Made with HVD Applejack

A typical sidecar features cognac, lemon juice and orange liqueur. Using our Applejack as the basis for this cocktail gives a European classic some American spirit and makes it easy to enjoy.

Suggested Retail Price:  $18 (375ml)

Lemon Drop
Made with Three Cedars Vodka

Smooth Three Cedars Vodka and cane sugar lend a touch of sweetness to the citrus in our take on this well known and well-loved cocktail. No messy sugar rim needed!

Suggested Retail Price:  $18 (375ml)

North of Manhattan
Made with HVD Bourbon Whiskey

Hudson Valley Distillers’ “gentle” bourbon & orange bitters complemented by orris, real cherry, and orange makes this classic an easy pour.

Suggested Retail Price: $20 (375ml)


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