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Our spirits are thoughtfully hand-distilled using local and organic ingredients (when possible), yet all priced for everyone to win. We proudly offer a friendly and approachable line of spirits that are easy to enjoy on their own and are well-complemented when mixed. Their versatility gives bartenders the ability to easily create exceptional cocktails and don't require consumers to be mixologists in order to make & enjoy an excellent beverage at home. We work hard so that our customers can experience "time well spent".

Bourbon Vodka Gin Bottles on Wood - Squa
Applejack (357ml/750ml)
Distilled from 100% NY Apples

Truly an “American original”, our Applejack is distilled from Hudson Valley apples grown just down the road and aged in NY white oak barrels. It is an easy drinking expression that starts with a touch of apple on the nose, brings subtle notes of vanilla and spice to the palate, and has a crisp finish with just a hint of cinnamon.

*Double Gold Winner, Hudson Valley Wine & Food Fest

Suggested Retail Price:  $32 (375ml) / $47 (750ml)

Bourbon Whiskey (357ml/750ml)
Distilled from 100% NY Grains

Our Bourbon Whiskey is “uncommonly

gentle”. A spirit truly made to savor, our

current expression of bourbon features a

nose of toasted oak and a hint of toffee.

Earthy, yet balanced by citrus & apricot, it

is approachable with an easy finish

thanks to the New York wheat.

Mash Bill: Corn (77%), Wheat (15%), Malted Barley (8%)

Suggested Retail Price: $32 (375ml) / $47 (750ml)

Fellows Gin (750ml)
Distilled from 100% NY Grapes

We like to say Fellows Gin “pours well with

others”. A New World Gin, our fresh take on a classic spirit starts with New York grapes

and is finished with our unique bouquet of

bright botanicals. The result is a lighter, crisper, dare we say friendlier gin that pairs well with others, and defies expectations with every sip.

Our Botanical Bouquet Includes: Orange Peel, Lavender, Organic Cucumber

Suggested Retail Price: $35

Red Hook Rye Whiskey (750ml)
Distilled from 100% NY Grains

Our newest addition and first expression of New York's Empire Rye category is a "smooth operator". Naturally spicy rye is tempered by organic NY wheat, hence its smooth disposition. The flavor profile is nicely balanced out by a slightly sweet, nutty nose and a mildly smoky palate.


Mash Bill: Rye (77%), Wheat (15%), Malted Barley (8%)

Suggested Retail Price: $47 (750ml)

Three Cedars Vodka (750ml)
Distilled from 100% Organic NY Corn

We like to say our Three Cedars Vodka is

“born from good roots”. We believe that

what you put in is what you get out, which

is why we source our organic corn from

local farmers and hand-distill our vodka

using only three natural ingredients. It’s

smooth enough to sip on its own and a

perfect complement in cocktails.

Suggested Retail Price: $28


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